Fibre Play

I really need to get all of my stashes (yarn, fibre, fabric, ...) organised. I've been going through my personal fibre stash, trying to wrestle it into some kind of order, and found this.

 It didn't look like much until it was opened up.

It's lovely angora fibre and I have two ounces of it. Just look at the staple length.

I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Should I blend it by combing or carding? Also, what should I blend it with?  I think two ounces should be enough for some fibre fun. I haven't worked with angora before and have no idea what type it is.  Any ideas?


Kristin said…
This is some long angora! I once carded a lovely blend that was silk, angora and merino, approximately equal percentage and the rolags were very easy to spin on my charkha. Made a lovely 2-ply lace knitting yarn. Yours may be easier to comb since its so long, or you could cut it shorter.