The studio is almost ready for the public.  I'm surrounded by countless artists and artisans, and I can feel the creative energy all around me. The studio is in an industrial building that was originally an RCA Victor factory.  You can read all about the building's history here, Edifice RCA

The lighting is just the BEST.  From morning to evening, I'm bathed in the most wonderful natural light.  Even on cloudy days, the light in my studio is always just right.

Here are just a few pictures so you can see for your self.


Ali P said…
I cannot wait to come for a lesson, Colette! The studio looks magnificent!
Bob said…
Hi Colette,
Congratulations on your new venture. Beautiful space and you are the perfect person to head up such a service. You're going to do terrific things here.
soo said…
Hi Colette, the blog looks great!
Just found this via ravelry. I would love to see the space and take the lessons that you give.
Wished I had a studio like yours. In a few years I hope I can have my own textilestudio. With weavinglooms and knittingmachines. That's my big dream !