Colouring My World

At this time of the year, I get a craving for colour. It's a great time to play in the dye pots.
Dying cotton, is becoming a bit of an obsession. This batch is better than the first but I'm not quite there yet.  I've noticed that the sliver compacts more with some colours than others. The blue came out really fluffy, while the red was a little more compacted.  I don't think I'm doing anything different.  I'll have to pay more attention with the next batch.
Cotton sliver on the Majacraft Little Gem
I do love the saturated colours and the sliver still spins nicely on my spindles and wheel.  I haven't tried it on the charkha yet.


Carolyn said…
Blue yarns, in my experience, tend to be thicker than other yarns in the same line but of different colors. It may not be anything you're doing ... so the question is whether you compensate for it in the spinning or not, I suppose. I've always wondered what it is about some blue dyes that gives that effect (or what it is about everything else that makes the yarns skinnier)
Colette said…
Thanks Carolyn,

I have noticed that with some wool yarns, certain colours are thicker than others. I must confess that I've never seen this with cotton. I'm going to have to take a closer look.