More Hot Weaving

Dee wanted to know where the I got the design. The pattern is from A Weaver's Book of 8 Shaft Patterns, page 66.  You can weave six different patterns using the same threading and tie-up. I'm using 265, 266 and 268.

The really nice thing about this draft is that the cloth looks interesting on both sides.
"Wrong side" of pattern #265
This is really important because I'm planning to used this same draft to weave some silk scarves.

Despite the heat and humidity, I've been plugging along, trying to weave off the warp on my Leclerc Minerva.

Pattern #268

Pattern #266
I don't know what possessed me to put a 30yard warp on! I'm planning to sell this loom so I really need to get this warp woven off. 


Dee said…
Thanks for sharing the info! Unfortunately, I don't (yet) have an 8-shaft loom, but I bookmarked this blog entry for later. I just love what you've done!
Leslie said…
Ah, your weaving is so beautiful! Someday I'll move beyond the rigid heddle, maybe after grad school. ;) Great to see you today and I hope you post about your cotton classes.
Monique said…
Wow this is really cool! Did you finish it yet?
More pics please!