What is Interstitial Spaces?

Interstitial Spaces is this:

and this:

and these:

Woven by James on a four shaft table loom
Woven by Erin on an Asford Knitters Loom
Woven by Molly Ann on a Schacht Cricket.
and much more.

These three samples were woven by my wonderful non-weaving volunteers, who agreed to take my Welcome to Weaving Workshop. Yes, they had no previous weaving experience and yes, they wove (completed) these samples in the workshop.  I am so pleased!


Anonymous said…
Colette, my sample looks so sad and forlorn amidst all the pics of beautiful looms and the beautiful textiles that are made on them. But it WAS fun to make!

Ali P said…
JEALOUS!!!!! I want to go to there and do that!