Weaving Lace on a Rigid Heddle Loom - max. 4 people

Lace is a weave structure that is very popular on multi-shaft looms. It is also a great structure to weave on rigid heddle looms. In this workshop we will explore several ways to weave lace using your rigid heddle loom and some simple tools. I will present many example demonstrating how your yarn, colour and sett choices affect the resulting fabric. Get more out of your rigid heddle loom with is fun technique.

When: Sunday Nov. 27, 2016
Time: 10AM - 3PM, there will be a break for lunch
Where: my studio
Require materials: You must have a loom capable of weaving at least 8 inches. You will need at least 2 pick-up sticks, at least 9 inches long, Yarn that is appropriate for your size heddle. Once you've registered for the course, I will discuss with you the possible choices. Your loom must be warped and ready for weaving before the workshop.

You will receive a 5 page handout containing all instructions and lots of pattern and project ideas

Cost: $100 per person


I am available for private lesson in spinning and small loom (rigid heddle weaving. It is $35/hr and there is a 1 hour minimum. Private lessons are individual, one-on-one lessons.

Workshops are given at my studio: Espace Interstitiel
1001 rue Lenoir,
Suite A303
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H4C 2Z6

By appointment. Email me to set up an appointment.