Colour Play

When the Schacht Zoom Looms arrived at the studio, I eagerly pulled out some yarns and started planning projects.

These two sock yarns have been in my stash for years, and I thought they would look great together.
Two lovely blues; why wouldn't they work?

Well first I tried them with one in the warp and the other in the weft ... and didn't like the results.
Then I tried having them alternating one thread of each, in both warp and weft ... still didn't like the results.

So I gave it another try, by grouping them in both warp and weft ... better but still not great.
While these blue yarns look lovely side by side, they just don't play as well together. for weaving, as I was anticipating.

Not willing to give up, I tried the light blue with another colour. I like this much better.

Still no "real" project for these looms, however I now have a great tool for testing my colour choices . Making these 4x4 inch squares is a fun, quick and easy way to to play with different colour combination.


Leslie said…
Wow, what a difference. They look so lovely side by side but I agree that they don't combine well in the same piece.

Great idea to use the Zoom Loom to sample.