Down to the wire

Weaving the last bit of a hand-painted silk warp.

This will be my first year participating in a craft sale.  The Westmount Artisans' Festival will be held on, Nov. 10-11 from 10h to 17h. I have no idea what to expect, but I'm looking forward to it.  I still have a lot to do so I've been almost living at the studio.  This weekend I plan to go through everything to have a better idea of what I will bring to the show.

Alpaca Silk warp waiting to be woven.

Organic naturally coloured cotton.
There are a few more items want to make but I really want to finish all of the weaving by the end of next week.  That should give me enough time to get all the finishing done, and print the labels. It's really hard to anticipate what people want, so I've just been weaving the kinds of things I'd want.  If you're in the neighbourhood, do stop by.


Linda said…
Wish I was close enough to come. Looks like some lovely warps and projects. Weaving what you like is a great plan. Good luck!