Warped and Weaving

I read about people who hate to warp, but warping is an essential part of the weaving process. It cannot be avoided. You really do have to warp, in order to weave.

If you want to have hassle free warping, then don't wind a warp and leave it sitting on the loom, in this state, for months.

It still looks like a tangled mess. Fortunately this 5/2 mercerized cotton is very well behaved.

My warp went on without any snags.

Don't look too closely or you'll see all of my threading errors.  I like the results of the black and white warp, but I did go a little cross-eyed threading the heddles.

My suggestion for people who don't like to warp is to just keep doing it.  Use well behaved yarns like 5/2 cotton and practice until you get comfortable. It does get easier and you will find a process that works for you. Just don't give up. 


Linda said…
Great advice - I usually enjoy the whole process!