A first

This is what my booth at the Quebec Weaving Convention looked like, just before packing up on Sunday, June 3. This was my first time as a vendor, anywhere.  I've learnt a lot and overall it was a very positive experience. I loved being able to to talk to the people about our share interests and getting direct feedback.  It was a long weekend (3 days) and I was afraid that I just wouldn't have the energy. If my friend Carolyn, hadn't help, I don't think it would have gone as well as it did. The weather wasn't great on Saturday so the public didn't turn out in the numbers that the organizers had hoped.
Thankfully, the convention participants were enthusiastic shoppers.

I couldn't end without showing what I'm currently spinning.  This is a 50/50 silk/bamboo, that I dyed last month.  I had dyed it for sale at the weaving convention, but I think it must have been mislabeled. It feels a lot more like the silk/linen. I'll be spinning the other three colours for Tour de Fleece.