Monday, 18 June 2012

Little Loom = Big Fun

Schacht 15" Cricket loom
 Plus hand painted silk and JaggerSpun 2/18 Zephyr
Equals a light scarf. I used a 12 dent heddle and less than three ounces of yarn for the total project (warp and weft).

 The scarf after hand washing and gently fulling.

Because I could not allow even a little bit of this yarn to go to wast, I chopped it up and carded the waste,
with some merino/silk and other miscellaneous bits, including some cotton/alpaca. Next time I'll leave the loom waste a little long.  I cut it too short this time.

The single was plyed with a very fine (2/34 nm) cotton thread.

The circle has been completed. From yarn to woven scarf, back to yarn again.

These are great little looms, especially for summer weaving on the go. I use the 10" Crickets in my workshops because they're  fast to set up and you don't require a stand to use them. They will sit comfortably in your lap. The Cricket looms come with two 50g balls of Brown Sheep NaturSpun, in a worsted weight, an 8 dent heddle, and everything you need to get started.

All the materials for the scarf and handspun yarn can be purchased at the studio. You have to supply your own loom waste.  The more you weave, the more interesting yarns you can spin.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A first

This is what my booth at the Quebec Weaving Convention looked like, just before packing up on Sunday, June 3. This was my first time as a vendor, anywhere.  I've learnt a lot and overall it was a very positive experience. I loved being able to to talk to the people about our share interests and getting direct feedback.  It was a long weekend (3 days) and I was afraid that I just wouldn't have the energy. If my friend Carolyn, hadn't help, I don't think it would have gone as well as it did. The weather wasn't great on Saturday so the public didn't turn out in the numbers that the organizers had hoped.
Thankfully, the convention participants were enthusiastic shoppers.

I couldn't end without showing what I'm currently spinning.  This is a 50/50 silk/bamboo, that I dyed last month.  I had dyed it for sale at the weaving convention, but I think it must have been mislabeled. It feels a lot more like the silk/linen. I'll be spinning the other three colours for Tour de Fleece.